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Just another Picture of Someone Pausing....
Some Guy Runs into the COTFG for help... I try to convince him to let me kill him
Isn't Double Teaming Supposed to HELP you win?
NYChris Owns Scythe
NYChris teaches some h00r the meaning of pain
Oops, looks like you Didn't Pause in time :)
Rounder thinks its ok to Attack you First then Pause when he loses :P
Ardius Killed by Yours Truly
Ardius Killed, again, by Yours Truly
Clinton Running from Me and Calling me a "bithc'"
Death Incarnate Killed by Me
This Guy Told me to "gack off" I didnt know what it meant so i killed him ;)
Fabs Pauses at .5 Health after Attacking me....
Gantorius meets his Maker
Jeb the Killa is, well, Killed
Some Guy Pauses after i beat him Up
The Same Guy then Runs and Pauses again
I Finally Kill the Pauser :P
A Member of the Mana Tribe Pauses during a War
Wizo Dies
2 Yoshi Clan Members Jump Me and... Die.
A guy and his friend pause when I beat em up and call me a meanie